Caffe Cleaner

  • Replace the single or double filter in the group handle with the blind filter.

  • Place ¼ teaspoon of  ‘Caffé Cleaner’ in the blind filter

  • Insert the group handle in the group head as if making a coffee.

  • Switch the group on for approximately 10 seconds and stop.  Do not take handle out of group, leave sitting for atleast 10 seconds. Then switch on again for 10 seconds and stop.  Repeat 3-6 times.

  • Remove group handle.

  • Clean group handle using running water in order to remove any remaining coffee particles and ‘Caffé Cleaner’ in handle.

  • Repeat above steps without ’Caffé Cleaner’.

  • If on removal water in group handle is NOT clean repeat cleaning process.

  • Make single espresso and discard

  • Using 'Caffé Brush’, clean around group seal to remove coffee residue .

  • Wipe group head with clean ’Caffé Cloth’.

  • Remove filter baskets from group handles.

  • Fill stainless jug with hot water and dissolve one (1) tea spoon of ‘Caffé Cleaner’ .

  • Place handles and filter baskets in jug to soak.

  • After soaking clean baskets and handles with plenty of water to remove all solution.

  • Wrap ‘Caffé Cloth’ around steam wand and open steam for 20 seconds.

  • When ‘Caffé Cloth’ is cool to touch, rub all excess milk from wand.

  •  DO NOT soak wand in water as milky water can  contaminate boiler.

  • Remove and clean drip tray.

  • Return ‘Caffé  Cleaner’ and blind filter to a secure place away from coffee, food and children.

  • Rinse ‘Caffé Brush’ and ‘Caffé Cloth’ , clean and dry for next occasion.

Remember that all machines are based on the same principle but manufacturers may stipulate different methods and chemicals, so please read your machine’s instruction manual before starting this cleaning routine.


Flush eyes and skin thoroughly with water.  If ingested, drink water and seek medical attention immediately.      DO NOT  induce vomiting.  In Australia, contact the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26.